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Website Building

Lovely resources by lovely people

Please, if you have a button like the ones above for your (educational) website, leave me a message under the Scrapbook page. I'd love to feature yours!

CSS, html, layouts

  • Mozilla Developer ( beginners start here)
  • W3schools (or start here)
  • html basics
  • html Cheatsheet
  • Webmaster guides for html & CSS
  • Webmastery
  • html & CSS Webguide
  • html, CSS & JavaScript Generators
  • yet another html cheatsheet
  • Scripted, CSS borders, scroll boxes, custom text, etc.
  • CSS validation service
  • Markup validation service
  • Purify your CSS
  • Mooeena's useful links
  • 98.css, a Windows 98 style CSS
  • layouts by teppy
  • BoxBoxhtml, a simple tool for creating html/CSS layouts
  • Popular CSS layouts and patterns
  • Shadow for boxes in CSS
  • System.css, a design system for building retro apple-inspired interfaces
  • NES.css
  • Falling items
  • Scrollbar.css
  • CSS Borders
  • Themekings, free oldschool webdesigns in html and CSS
  • Templaterr
  • CSS Gradients
  • Layout builder
  • CSS Generator
  • CSS Layouts by eggramen
  • Codepen
  • Jasminnie's site (WARNING!: this is an http-only site, view at your own risk)
  • Intro to html and tips for CSS. (WARNING!: for the privacy conscious, this is a useful guide but is sadly hosted on google docs)
  • To learn more HTML/CSS, check out these tutorials.
  • JavaScript

  • RV's free Javascript/DHTML effects
  • html, CSS, & JavaScript Resources
  • JavaScript free code (too bad this website never loads for me)
  • Dragable window
  • Gits, Pastebins, etc.

  • Teenagegoths's Pastebin
  • Ishimori's Codes
  • Gardenia's Codes
  • Reason's's Codes
  • Breeze's's Resources
  • HauntedMansion's Resources
  • Lfited's Card with misc. codes and scrollboxes
  • Neogeo's tips, codes and more
  • Flora's's Codes
  • Reason's's Codes
  • Breeze's's Resources
  • HauntedMansion's Resources
  • Lfited's Card with misc. codes and scrollboxes
  • Music

  • Webamp Skins
  • Webamp Code
  • SCM Music Player, a f2u music player which doesn't require any JS knowledge
  • Graphics

  • Censorship Panda Adoption
  • Neopets nostalgia
  • tumblr oldweb decor
  • deviantArt stamps
  • Cinni's website
  • Pinku Kingdom's website
  • Betty's graphics
  • InternetBee's graphics
  • Bumper Stickers
  • A hoard of Buttons
  • GifCities, a collection of GeoCities graphics(NSFW WARNING!!: there is some EXTREME gore and porn archived on here, be careful what keywords you type)
  • Misc.

  • GoatCOunter, a website hit counter
  • Graphic website hit counter
  • Polls
  • Interactive e-Pets
  • Chatbox
  • Rainbow or color faded text
  • Rating stars system
  • Dead link checker (proprietary)
  • Website speed test
  • 90s web design
  • Tech tips

    Need a browser?

    • Just use Firefox.
    • Look up videos on YouTube how to harden it via settings.
    • I personally from experience don't recommend forks, but you can take my word for it with a grain of salt.
    • Follow the mitigation guide.

    Firefox Plugins I Enjoy

    In my biased order of importance

    1. Dark Reader
    2. GNU LibreJS
    3. uBlock Origin
    4. Consent-O-Matic
    5. uMatrix
    6. Decentraleyes
    7. Sponsorblock

    Privacy Respecting Browsers

  • Swisscows
  • Searx
  • Remember you can install Firefox plugins for browsers like Swisscows and set it as your default browser.

    Old laptop from the 2000s or 2010s?

  • Do look into installing Puppy OS. on it.
  • REMEMBER!! Even a 2GB RAM, 2 core laptop from 2008 can still be revived and freely browse the internet, make art, edit code, study on, read e-books, etc. I have 3 laptops like that, which I've been traveling with for a long time. Screw e-waste. Let's reduce pollution and become frugal.

    Art Tips

    1. Draw every single day, even if it's just a small doodle.
    2. Use Sketchdaily (but note this is a http site, so it's not safe).
    3. Use reference 99% of the time you draw. You are training your eyes and memory.
    4. Austin Batch on YouTube has helped me greatly, that's around the time my art skills began to level up extremely fast.
    5. That said, Sycra's video also helped me through the years.
    6. SKetchfab, fantastic for referencing scanned irl things

    Misc. Girly Things

    Though you'd be surprised how many men have asked me for hair advice...

    Henna recipe

    1. Buy pure henna, the ingredients should read lawsonia inermis alone, for best results.
    2. Use 50c or cooler water to mix henna with
    3. Don't use metal equipment.
    4. Add some lemon into the mix if you have hard water like me.
    5. Leave the mix overnight in a bowl, with plastic wrap covering it, in room temperature.
    6. Make sure your mixture has a yogurt-like consistency.
    7. Use a clarifying shampoo in the morning, no conditioner. Even better, I like to add 1 tbs apple cider vinegar into a jar and rinse my hair with it to remove any buildup caused by hard water in my area.
    8. Apply henna to 90% dry hair and leave it on for 6 hours (henna tends to turn out extremely pale ginger for me unless I leave it on for 6-8 hours for a proper rich reddish copper shade).
    9. Rinse out well with conditioner.
    10. Don't shampoo until it has been 3 days since you've dyed with henna.
    11. In my experience, don't use any protein products for a couple of weeks.
    12. Use a deep conditioner to heavily moisturize.

    Why henna?

  • "Healing" affect on your hair.
  • Has UV protection-like properties.
  • "Thickening" effect (anecdotal).
  • "Protein-like" effect.
  • Cheap both short and long term!
  • Note on my hair type: medium to high porosity, medium thickness, has been bleached 3-5 times (last bleached in summer 2022), type 2a, craves a LOT of protein, and a bit of moisture.

    General Haircare

    1. The brand my wavy hair has enjoyed most within the cheapest budget possible has been Maui Moisture products and some Cantu.
    2. I never use any silicone based products. The momment I do, my hair turns flat and looks greasy and the texture is unbearable. Though not all silicones are evil, they've beed an atrocious experience for me.
    3. Silk or satin pillowcases have been a HUGE change on how my hair behaves and looks. This is the first thing anyone should start with.
    4. Only use brushes that have bendy bristles.