2023 Updates


First story published

Though has tons of spelling errors it developed when I converted the .abw file into html text format...so check back in a few days after I've fixed the readibility of it.

  • Added more recollections in the dreams journal.
  • Added more pics and two rants in the shrines>horror section.
  • No new website updates for a long while. It'll just be me posting some rants, essays, stories, dream journaling etc. text based content for now. The website will continue to house some minor UI bugs and typos until I'm in the mood again to start doing real updates. After all, this is just a hobby project of mine, so I'm taking it easy :P


    Last Website Update for a long while (ver. 1.6)

    Added the following:

  • Improved home page, easier navigation
  • Stories has working links now, but first story is still WIP
  • Dreams page has several entries now!
  • Hit counter added
  • E-pets added :-D
  • Addded pics of my rats to the pets page
  • New links on home page
  • Finally cleaned up the "about me" page, so it looks way less cluttered
  • Scrapbook huge revamp to make it cleaner
  • Created a shrine category page yesterday, so today I created my first shrine for it
  • Been interesting to see what I could create in 1 week, while learning html, CSS and JS for the first time. I'll return some day soon and continue working on this site again, but for now, need a break. Updates won't be as frequent in the future though.


    New pages and minor visual updates (ver. 1.5)

    Added the following:

  • NEW pages: dreams journal, pets, shrines, the horror shrine
  • Buttons for easier navigation on front page
  • Scrollboxes for a few pages, for easier text reading
  • Hit counter and Chicken Smoothie pets in scrapbook :-D
  • New links on home page, but they're empty as of writing this
  • 25.07.2023

    Revamps and Upcoming pages (ver. 1.4)

    Added the following large revamp updates to:

  • Blog
  • OCs section
  • Resources page has a lot more new links, design revamp, etc.
  • Upcoming new pages:

  • Dreams journal
  • Film reviews, thoughts, screenshots (mostly of old b-movies)
  • My pets page
  • Shrines (one for horror games, other one is a surprise)
  • 24.07.2023

    Chat and more in scrapbook (ver. 1.3)

    Added the following:

  • Chatbox, guestbook
  • Polls
  • Bumpers, buttons, userboxes, etc.
  • 23.07.2023

    Another big update (ver. 1.2)

  • Cleaned up a lot of messy visuals and broken links.
  • Website now has a background and colored text.
  • Added all my animal OCs
  • Created the tips page, it now has some resources and tutorials.
  • Cursor sparkly trail!
  • 22.07.2023

    Major update (ver. 1.1)

    Made the following big changes:
  • Front/home page now with fully functional links.
  • Created an (empty) OCs page.
  • About page is finished, for now.
  • A cute meepit cursor!
  • THIS! Er...the updates page now functions.
  • Have many passionate small ideas that I plan to turn into reality, coming soon. But for now, here's a priorty list from most to least important in terms of what I am focusing working on updating:

    1. OC lists (this was the initial reason why I decided to make a site to begin with, since I no longer agreed with how toyhouse works)
    2. Blog (really want to clean up and categorize it decently)
    3. Stories
    4. Updates page
    5. Tips
    6. Scrapbook (it's just extras)
    All the other pages are clean enough (although still just 80% finished) for me not to care on updating them for a long while now.


    Website's Birthday (ver. 1.0.)

    Created this website. Thank to every person who's shown support to me so far.